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Solar Panels
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I read your entry with interest. I’d like to do something similar on my T-3500 and have been eyeing the dingy davits as a good option. Got photos of how yours are mounted that you’d be willing to share? Why did you choose flexible panels, given the mount?

My email address if easier for you is


David Lee

I put 2 150 watt Solara panels on a frame on davits last year on my 3800. Its a rigid mount but I went with the semi-flexible panels. Each has a separate controller to help deal with shading. I figured shading would be worse mounted anywhere else.

We were cruising for 75 days last summer, Long Island Sound and Maine, and never used shore power. Of course we used the engine in and out of port or if no wind but never needed it for charging. We have a 120 amp alternator. 315 amp hrs of AGM house batteries. Never got below 50% charge, including 4 days of no engine running. We ran refrigeration, lights (mostly LEDs), radio, charged 2 computers, auto-pilot without problems. I did use the OPE calculator for a rough guess. I was really happy how well the solar worked.

I suggest you speak with the folks at Ocean Planet Energy in Bath Maine first. They have on on line calculator for energy usage that will help you figure out your energy needs. Where are a lot of consideration as well in order to avoid shading. If you’re planning on being energy independent you are will be running refrigerator/freezer 24/7 you are probably going to need more solar than you can put on your dodger.

I am looking to add solar panels to my Tartan 4100. Not sure if it should be mounted on the davits or the dodger. Also, any idea of how much power i need? In addition to topping off the batteries, I would like to be able to run the refrigeration, power a laptop and two phones...

Has anyone done this before?


Julian Fisher

June B. t-4100 60

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