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Maine:  Done!

The TONE 2018 New England Cruise

The first official stop for this year's cruise was held on Sunday, July 29, 2018 in Boston: A group dinner at Filippo Ristorante in the famous North End. It was a short walk from Constitution Marina where TONE cruisers were jumping off for the Maine portion of the cruise. About 30 TONE members socialized, drank, and ate in the upstairs room at Filippo that looks out over the Charles River and the North End.  By the time the dinner ended most people had planned out their next cruise steps and locked in where they were headed over the next few days.
Chris Crighton and Gary Van Voorhis

At Filippo's Chris Crighton from Squander fills in Gary Van Voorhis from Recess. 

Familiar faces, and new ones:  Jeff Stoehr from Ayacucho, a long running Maine adventurer, has a few laughs with Renee Wainwright off new Maine cruiser Star Watch.

From Boston the fleet of various Tartans headed for Boothbay Harbor.  Some boats went by way of Gloucester and some went to Isles of Shoals off the New Hampshire coast.  Regardless of the intermediate stops, everybody got together in Boothbay.  Our first major social event in Maine was an open dinner at Mine Oyster with 22 cruisers enjoying each others' company and planning where to go next on the trip. We were all at one long table, but the staff was great and everyone who came had a great time.

 A view of the Conference Center on Star Island, Isles of Shoals.  We used to be barred from visiting the island, but the new owners not only allow transient boaters to visit the island and explore, they allow us to register for the family style meals in their dining room if space permits.  The crew of Star Watch took advantage of this option and ate ashore.

As always, the float plan for the cruise was really a set of port suggestions.  Skippers and crews took real advantage of the many destinations available when you leave Boothbay Harbor.  The main body of the fleet headed for Tenant's Harbor, but skippers look the opportunity to visit other interesting ports sometimes ending up in the same spots, and often moving to their own sense of what's next.

Boats found their way to Winter Harbor, Seal Bay, Maple Juice Cove, Tenant's Harbor, Belfast, Rockland, and Camden.

The final planned dinner and get together event was a dinner at the Rhumbline Restaurant on the dock at Lyman Morse in Camden.  This port had a two day planned stay, with the dinner coming on the evening of the second day.  We gathered at picnic tables under umbrellas on the dock and enjoyed a warm and sunny evening meal.

After Camden the fleet went its own way.  Some skippers were planning to stay in Maine and head further up the coast to Mt. Desert Island and beyond.  Some folks headed back home by harbor hopping back south, and a couple of intrepid boats went to Port Clyde and then headed out across the Gulf of Maine to the Cape Cod Canal and beyond.

It was a great trip for those who took the ride.  We at TONE really hope that we have opened a great new northern cruising ground to some folks who hadn't ventured this far before.

 The TONE 2018 New England / Maine Cruise coordinators: To the left, Peter Crawford, Wind of Freedom,  gives the friendly wave and to his right, steering the dinghy, is Gary Van Voorhis from Recess. In front of Gary, in red, is his wife Cindy.

Winter/Spring 2018 Nor'easter
The 2018 Winter/Spring edition of Nor'easter is available now!

As usual, this issue is jam packed with useful news to TONE Tartan owners.  This issue features articles on the latest Coast Guard navigation aids updates, a new Suddenly in Command article, Tartan Tech pieces on solent rigs and electrical gremlins, boat handling in close quarters, provisioning - and more!

Download now and read at your leisure.  This 26 page newsletter is packed with good stuff.

Click here to download the current edition:

Winter/Spring 2018 Nor'easter

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