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T4100 Companionway Storage
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David, I really appreciate the pictures and concur your wood work looks in great shape.  Have a Happy New Year...

r/ Mike
s/v Triforce, T4100, #6

Thank you for posting.  It has given me some ideas.  Also I have to say your wood work looks great.

So sorry it took me this long to post these photos for you - my apologies:-(

David Antos
s/v Onward, T4100, #79
Hi Michael,

I have a T4100 with the rack for the companionway boards and I'm somewhat close to you. The boat is moored in Sausalito, CA. You are welcome to check them out if you are ever in the area. My contact details are listed in the directory. I also see that you were asking about asymmetric spinnakers - I just added one with the ATN tacker and sleeve and have been very happy. Let me know if you have any questions or just want to compare notes.

Jeff Fisher
s/v Prime Number, T4100, #83 
Mike, thank you very much.  Hatch board storage is something I never even thought about.  I just put them where ever seemed to make sense.  Now I will give it some thought and see what I can come up with.  Karl
Karl, here is a screenshot from a newer Tartan that shows the bracket.  I've also asked Tartan for the plans so we'll see what they come up with.  r/ Mike
From a T34-C owner, I am looking forward to it as well.  I have no idea what this wil look like but always looking for ideas.

David, that would be great.  Thanks!  I will also ask Tartan...



Onward is a 2002 4100 with the built-in rack for those companionway boards and lock - and they are wonderful!

Weather permitting, I plan to be on the boat next Sunday, and would be glad to take pictures/measurements for you.

I don't have "plans/drawings", but you might be able to get them from Tartan. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

David Antos
s/v Onward, T4100, #74
I have a 1996 T4100.  Noticed on some newer 4100s that they have a rack for the companionway boards on the stbd side of the entryway.  Does anyone have the plans for these or can you send pictures?  Other ideas about storing the boards?  Right now I'm putting them under the stbd dinette berthing cushion.  Thanks for your ideas and Happy Thanksgiving!!!
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