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Stepping Mast on 1985 T34
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Might be cool if you wrote up the details and submitted for the newsletter.  I am sure the membership would love to read about it!




I did make the trip. I basically bought the T34 in Westchester and sailed it from the Long island Sound through the East River up the Hudson. I unstepping the mast in Catskill and stepped it in VT at my final destination. I had never unstepped a mast so I was a touch concerned about the process. But it was straight forward and uneventful on both sides.

The Hudson and the Champlain Canals are pretty cool. The Locks are dirty but it is what it is.

I thought I responded with a thank you on your last post, but I don't see it.

Thanks for your thoughts on my original post, I appreciate it.

Good luck and Happy Holidays


Hi Chris,

Did you end up taking the trip up the Hudson?  I would love to hear more about your travels.



s/v Servus
I know there's a yard near the Erie Canal entrance on the Hudson that can unstep the mast. The wiring should be ABYC standard as far as color coding, regardless, just label all the wiring. With the mast down it's a good time to inspect the rigging, terminals, spreaders, etc. I'd make sure I had the necessary heat shrink connectors to rewire. I really like Liquid Electric Tape. Pick it up at the hardware or HD. 

I plan on sailing from NYC up the Hudson through the Champlain Canal to VT .  I need to have mast taken down and put it back up. Stepped and unstepped.  I have found a few resources on that through and the NY State website. 

I am looking for a good resource for what I need to be prepared for if I have (stepping/unstepping) never done this?  I know I need to build a rack to hold the mast.  Is there a generic wiring diagram used by Tartan when this was built that will outline how the lights are wired and what else is pulled through the mast.  Are there tools beyond a the basics I need?  Are there projects that are a highly recommended while the mast is accesible? 

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.  

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