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Tartan 34c Hull # 506 Rudder Removal
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Hi Laura, thanks for posting about your rudder.  I have a Tartan 34c 1974.  I just got it and am looking for manuals and documents, like wiring diagrams.  Any help you can provide would be great.  Let's keep in touch on our projects.  

Nice Post Laura!  Glad the project worked out for you!
After a no named storm in East Greenwich, RI Late March, and having to be on the hard unexpectedly, I started looking at things that cause "bumps/noises"  in night. One issue I had was a very loose tiller, so working my way down I found that the BUSHING in the Rudder pole was shot.  to find a piece, not perfect but able to get it on the bronze post on the shoe.  Biggest issue, removing the stainless steel bolts in the bronze shoe. The piece must be cut to be removed. See pics attached.  In the end had to remove all the foam of rudder and refill spray foamand new fiberglass.  Also of note, I had to take the Tiller head to machinist to get the inside reshaped as years with a off center Bushing, had cause one sided wearing and thus the rattle, which started this project.
see  for some sense of the frame, and see for Bushing part. Very stressful to make decision to cut but seems only way. If anyone has any similar issues, please call me love to walk you through my experience. 
Tartan 34c Hull #506 LSailor

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