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Hi Rick,


Nice boat!  We’re practically family! 

We just acquired our T33 two years ago now, from the Apostle Islands near Bayfield WI, and spent the winter and spring preparing for the delivery sail down to Muskegon, MI.  Love the boat. 


Here is an email group, in case you have not yet found it.  REALLY helpful.   

Our lake is frozen, and the boat is on the hard, under cover.  Only get to “think about her” until Spring.  Last winter, we stored heated/inside, so we could do a lot of cleaning and upkeep (winches, chain plates, water heater, teak…).




Dave Werner


Tartan 33, #107

Muskegon Yacht Club

Hi All:  I purchased a Tartan 33 (1981) at the end of the past season and I am in the process of doing some upgrades. She was in great condition so no repairs were needed.  I had a chance to sail her several times (only day sails) before she had to be hauled for the season.  I'm looking forward to a good deal of cruising and Club racing with her this coming season (I'm on the Long Island Sound and belong to the Stamford Yacht Club).

I've always admired  Tartans' though my previous two boats were Canadian built (CS 27, Express 35).  Attending the Winter Diner and looking forward to meeting other owners and asking a million questions.


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