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T33 cabin ceiling leak
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When we shopped around for a T33, we found three with rotten/water damaged teak board aft of the aft-most porthole, two starb'd, one portside.  Finding one without such damage, we now see water infiltration from the cabin top down past the white ceiling panel and trim onto the teak board aft of the aft port on the starb'd side.  I've rebedded the halyard clutches both sides topside, and still the rain drips in above the ceiling panel leaving brown puddles on the starb'd counter top below. 

OK, the surveyor reported a sound cabin top and it sounds and feels  (taps) like he was correct.  I know I can take the ceiling panels down and look for the intrusion during a rainstorm, but has anyone noticed the same sort of thing and discovered a source/solution?

We also noticed that after drilling screw holes for bimini clasps along the lower outside cabin bulkhead, a couple of holes higher up on the bulkhead wall started weeping rivulets of water, seemingly in defiance of gravity.   There's some kind of pressure variant going on.  I assume it's related to the infiltration, and I wonder if anyone has seen the same or has a theory? 

thanks, all.
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