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New to the Group - Tartan 31
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Hello Tim and other Tartan owners,

I own a 92 Tartan 31, hull #120, and live in Northern Michigan. Most of the time I am sailing on Lake Michigan near Northport, Leland, Elk Rapids or Charlevoix. If anyone has a Tartan Piper would be interested in some photos of your cabin engine cover/steps and your main sail block system. I am the fourth owner and would prefer to revert to the original system design for both.

Chip, congratulations on your purchase of Tartan 30 "West Wind"! I'm sure you'll enjoy sailing her. If you're going to sail to Norfolk at some point, you may want to look into getting a transient slip at Norfolk Yacht and Country Club (757-423-4500). That's where I have my Tartan 31 "Piper." You can reach me directly at and 757-679-5582. Happy sailing! Best regards. Tim

Hi Timothy,

A friend of mine and I recently purchased West Wind, a 1974 Tartan 30, from a gentleman in Rhode Island. She is still there while we have the rigging replaced, upgrade the electronics, and make other miscellaneous repairs and improvements. Our plans are to sail her to our homeport at the Coan River Marina, just off the Potomac near where it joins the bay, sometime during July. A pretty good hike from Norfolk, but our plans are to sail up and down the Bay, and Norfolk would certainly be one of our destinations. So perhaps we can touch base later once West Wind is in Virginia.


Hi! I'm a new Tartan 31 owner (hull no. 79, built in 1989) and a new member of TONE. My boat is in Norfolk, Virginia, and I'd especially like to connect with any other Tartan 31 owners in the Hampton Roads area. Thanks. Best regards. Tim Lockhart

Hello Tartan 31 group, I purchased a 1992 Tartan 31 this year and thoroughly enjoy sailing her (Vamos). I am building a cradle for Winter storage. Can anyone provide the dimensions of a Scheel (4’ 4”) keel? Interested in length and width at base (bottom) of keel. My boat is in water now. Chris

Hi Peter,  I too am new to the group. I bought hull# 22 from the original owner in Oyster Bay in 2014. I think I've over improved it in many ways because it was already in pristine condition. You will get a lot of compliments on it if you haven't already. I am currently on a mooring in Rockport, MA outer harbor but am now living on Cape Cod and will be moving it next year somewhere closer; hopefully the Cape but may have to settle for the west side of Buzzards Bay.

I recently had a problem that I'm trying to find a part for in case anyone can help. Seems my crew whipped out a fender from the lazarette sail locker in the starboard cockpit and broke off the key ignition at the threads that secure it to the panel.  Anyone know where I might be able to get a replacement? I'm sure it was the original from 1988!
Peter, welcome to the Tartan 31 fleet. I am also a recent new owner of a 31.From the photos it is indeed in very good condition.
That triangular section of sole is one that is easily subject to water damage if there is any leak at all around the mast. I am surprised that Tartan didn't put a limber hole in the area of pan that section covers.
I think it will be difficult to get to the nut for that bolt in the anchor roller because of the anchor locker well, but you may be able to get under the anchor locker through the V-berth to get to it. It sounds as if the nut is either loose or has come off unless that is a screw/bolt that goes into an aluminum backing plate.
I am working through some issues with my boat as well and would like to hear from other T-31 owners for things like rig tension, PHRF ratings in the area in which you sail.


Hello All,


My name is Peter Lawrence. I have recently purchased a 1988 Tartan 31 (Hull #53). A brief history about the Tartan 31 sailboat is provided below for those who might be interested. The sailboat was originally purchased from C&S Yacht Sales in Northport, New York. The vessel was kept in the Chesapeake Bay for five years under the name of "Merry Lyn". The original owners sold the sailboat and it made its way to Seneca Lake in New York for five years under the name of "Tuition". Then, the vessel sold and made its way to Lake Ontario in Rochester, New York. The sailboat was renamed "Double D" after its owners (Doug and Donna). Fast forward some 18 years later, I purchased the sailboat and renamed it "Moonstruck" and plan to keep it on Lake Ontario in Rochester, New York. I feel blessed to be entrusted with the care of this fantastic vessel. The marine surveyor that the previous owners used to purchase the sailboat happened to be the same one I used by coincidence. In having the vessel surveyed, the surveyor stated the sailboat was in very good condition when he surveyed it 18 years ago. The sailboat is in better shape now that it was back then. A true testament to the love and care showed for this wonderful sailboat! The owners have kept all of the maintenance and original paperwork. :-) 

(Tartan 31 - Hull ID #53)


As for my interests, I am very interested in connecting with owners of 31s or 3100s to share model specific questions. I also am looking forward to connecting with the Tartan owners group and welcome input from all Tartan owners/past owners/people who have worked on Tartans, etc. as I am just learning about the ins and outs of my Tartan 31.


Currently, I am redoing a lot of the teak. While most of the teak is in great shape, there are a couple areas on the floor, companionway hatches, swim steps, exterior grab rails that need a little love. I do have three questions for the group:


1) The cabin's interior is teak in a flat "reddish" color. The original owners manual states the process they used was with "Watco's Danish Oil Finish". However, they do not specify the color (natural, walnut, cherry, etc.). I am assuming the finish is with the cherry but that is only a guess. Any advice?


2) The teak and holly floor is honey colored along with the table as stated in the manual they are different from the hand wet sanded finish of the Watco Danish Oil. What finish do you recommend for the floor? The previous owners used Sikkens Cetol "Marine Light" Wood Finish for the teak with good results. However, I am thinking it might be too dark. Has anyone used the Sikkens Cetol "Natural Teak" color for the floor or have any recommendations? There will be a rug on the floor after the product fully cures to protect the finish from everyday traffic.

(Water damage on one section of floor - original finish)

(Scraping with heat gun and triangle scraper)

(Scraped floor after TSP bleaching 2x's)


3) On the bow there is a High Seas bow roller assembly for the anchor. However, one of the screws is just freewheeling. The loose screw is pictured below. I have not had a chance to crawl in the anchor locker from the v berth to see if I can easy access it from inside. If I cannot access it, I was planning once spring arrives to remove the assembly, fill the hole with epoxy and then drill and secure the bracket. Has anyone run into this or recommend anything different?

(Loose screw on bow roller)

(Note: Bottom left screw loose)


Thank you in advance for your help and sorry for the long-winded post.


Happy New Year to you and yours!


Peter :-)

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