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New Member- T33 #168
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Ajax -- Interested to hear how your experience has gone so far.  We purchased hull #107, back in Feb 2016 and were embroiled in the process of commissioning when you would have posted this.

We are very impressed with our T33, and motivated to reverse her aging process.  I know boats aren't really "a good investment" but within sailing circles, I imagine we believe these well-built ones are.  We hope to improve her value and keep her sailing for another 35 years.

Dave Werner
T-33 "Yiamas"
Hi all,
A friend pointed me in the direction of T33 #168, currently named Bright Leaf.
I think it's had this name for years, and spend most of its life on the Chesapeake Bay.  If any of you are familiar with this boat's past, feel free to contact me. It may have had a previous name of "Fawn."
The boat has sat for 5+ years, but is still sound, and well worth restoring.
I do have some work ahead of me, if I want to launch by May 31st but it's do-able.
I've been sailing a Pearson 30 for a number of years, and although I love the boat, I've secretly lusted for Tartan's build quality for some time now.  A buddy of mine recently bought hull #8.
Looking forward to hearing from any other T-33 owners, especially on the Chesapeake!

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