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New Member with some questions
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Dear Jeff,

You are welcome to call me. The T4100 is a fabulous boat. Let's start with the swim platform. Has the electric motor been replaced? If not, it needs to be removed and replaced with a pulley system. I did an elaborate replacement. Alan Benet did a much more simplified version. I got all my parts from Tartan. The only thing I didn't install was the gas cylinder to open the door. The motor burns out or the gears strip because the door has a poor mechanical advantage. It wasn't simple, but I did it myself. The shower at the swim platform is freshwater and has hot and cold. Honestly I almost never use the swim platform. Other than for swimming, it is much better to get on and off the boat from the gate amidships. To that end, I bought a "half step" that I clip to the base of the stanchions.

To lower the anchor, I turn on the windlass, slack off the chains and open the hatch. The risk in not doing so is that the line will jam and you won't be able to open the hatch with the line tight. I have two anchors and I move both sets of chains out of the way to open the hatch. I then pull all the chain and line I am planning to lower and put it out on deck. Once I lower my anchor and it's on the bottom, I take the line out of the bow roller and move it to starboard through the chock on that side and cleat it off. I then put the boat in reverse and set the anchor. Pulling the anchor again requires the hatch to be open. I move the line to the bow roller and using the windlass, bring in the line, chain and anchor.

Again, call me if you need more.

Regards, Matt

Matthew R. Bud
32 Gray's Farm Road
Weston, CT 06883
(203) 227-8965 Office Phone
(203) 820-4667 Cell
I'm seriously considering the purchase of a Tartan 4100.  I've looked at a lot of boats and liked the Tartan 4100 so much that I decided to join TONE, because I'm convinced that I'll be buying one this year.  
I have a question about how others deal with having the anchor rode run from the windlass just over the hatch for the rode locker.  I can see that one could use a snubber to relieve tension on the rode, so that the hatch could be opened once the hook is down, but how do people manage to get the hatch open before lowering the anchor?  One T4100 I looked at had a chain stopper but I recall that it was extending from the windlass over that hatch cover.  There did not appear to be enough room to put a chain stopper forward of the hatch cover and I didn't notice any way to lock or tie the anchor to the bow roller so that enough chain could be paid out to allow the hatch cover to be opened when the anchor was up.  (I expect that I probably have overlooked some simple solution to this issue.) 
My second question is whether Tartan 4100's have a freshwater (hot and cold) shower at the swim platform.
Thanks for considering my newbie questions!
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