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Tarpaulin Cove, Naushon Island, Massachusetts, Jul...
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We were enroute from Block Island to Woods Hole, but had an adverse wind and current. It was getting late as we came up Vineyard Sound even with Tarpaulin Cove on the southeastern side of Naushon Island. It looked inviting, and there were only a few other boats already there. So in we went and found it to be a very nice anchorage indeed, right down to the camera-ready lighthouse on the southern point marking the entrance. We found about 15 feet of water under the keel, with a clean bottom that held well. There was plenty of room to swing.

The island is the largest of the Elizabeth Islands, which stretch from Woods Hole in the northeast to Cuttyhunk in the southwest. Naushon is privately owned, as are most of the Elizabeths (the main exception is Cuttyhunk), and going ashore at Tarpaulin Cove is limited to the beach (there are no facilities of any kind). But it sure is a pretty spot.

On the other hand, the Cove is completely open to the east and southeast, so be sure to check the weather before you make it a destination.
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