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Manual transom door - a simple solution to replace...
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For six years the transom door worked perfectly. Last summer, 2012, I activated the switch but the door did not go down. My investigation revealed that the motor worked but the bracket holding the motor to the top of the inside transom (block of wood fiberglassed into transom) just disintegrated. I was never enamoured with the large hole in the transom, which potentionally could be a source of water. Nor was i pleased with the Tartan manual solution to this inherent problem of the automatic transom door eventully failing.
I devised a simple solution. Attached are photos. Solution:
First I covered the large hole with a piece of fiberglass. Close to the fitting which the support line for the door attaches I drilled a small hole. I inserted and glued a small plastic tube to prevent chafe. I then ran a line from the fitting on the transom door, through the hole to a jam cleat with becket which i installed under the rain gutter in the lazarette.
Letting down the transom, I simply attach a sail tie to the handle on the transom, nudge the door open and let down. Closing door, i lift with the sail tie. I then tension the newly installed line and lock in the jam cleat. Door cannot open without taking line out of jam cleat and no water can enter the transom. Hopefully the attached photos give detail to a simple solution to the problem we will all eventually face with the mechanical transom doors.
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