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Atlantic Heights Municipal Harbor, Atlantic Highla...
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CORRECTION: The name of this marina is Atlantic Highlands, not Atlantic Heights.  Sorry if there was any confusion.
This marked the midpoint of our summer coastal cruise. Even having to come north and then go around Sandy Hook back to the south, this is a nice spot. You can see a good picture of it at We were tucked in behind the fuel dock, in the slanted slips on the dock to the right of the ramp. It was very hot and humid the day we were there, and the town is backed up against some substantial heights to the south, so there wasn't a lot of breeze. We therefore hiked into town (very close by) and found a nice hotel, with a laundromat right across the street. The marina staff were all courteous and helpful, and the fuel dock had a great feature: a fully-equipped hand-washing station. That's a feature I'd like to see more widespread. There was plenty of depth, adequate maneuvering room, and a jetty that protects the facility from wave action coming from the north. The fee was $2.75 per foot. Our only problem here was that they somehow charged us the slip fee twice; but when I called them upon receiving the credit card bill, they fixed it immediately. I would recommend this facility.
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