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Seaview Harbor Marina, Great Egg Harbor, New Jerse...
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This had been the goal for our third day on the Chesapeake-to-Cape Cod trip, but engine trouble cost us a day at Cape May. We got a late start out of Cape May, so Great Egg turned out to be a just about the perfect distance. Seaview Harbor Marina is a nice facility, with a clean, new-looking building that houses the showers (and I'm pretty sure I remember laundry facilities). There's also a top-notch restaurant overlooking the docks. Although it's pricey ($3.50/ft), the tax seems to be included in the price. The one tricky part about using this facility is the approach. There are two entrances, and when you turn to port at green 7 as Seaview's staff will advise you to do, the entrance ahead of you is not the one you want. You need to turn even further to port and enter by the westerly opening. Once inside, the depth is fine but some of the turns are a little tight--could be an adventure in a blow.
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