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Port Norris Marina, Maurice River, New Jersey
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From Summit North Marina in the C & D Canal to Cape May's harbor is a very long day in a 34, so in the summer or 2012 we tried the Port Norris Marina in the Maurice (pronounced Morris) River, above Cape May on the Delaware Bay's eastern side.

It didn't turn out all that well. First off, it's a ways off the course to Cape May, so it takes you out of your way. The Maurice River in general is shared by power boats and larger working craft, including barges hauling sand and gravel. There are a few marinas, all with a few transient slips. However, the slips are small and when the wind and current aren't cooperating, getting into them can be difficult because they all sit perpendicular to the current. Port Norris Marina was typical in this regard, and the wind and current were both against us as we contemplated squeezing into a slip. Fortunately, we were arriving late and leaving early, so we were allowed to tie up to the fuel dock float, which was easy. The fee was wonderful--a flat $30--and there's a restaurant right next to the small ship's store. Although Port Norris Marina doesn't have diesel, the next marina downstream does, and their pumps open at 0630.

But the biggest pain in the neck (and everywhere else) was the greenhead flies. These are not the ones that have the painful bite, but it was mating season for them and they were swarming everywhere since the river is lined with salt marshes on the south shore. So late June is definitely not the best time to be in the river.
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