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Swim Platform Linear Drive unit
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I have to say that the simplicity of the present rope/fairlead block device was put to the test during my last trip, it was lowered and raised numerous times over the course of a 2 month duration and although my right upper arm would now put Popeye the Sailor to shame, I don't have any intention in going back to an electricial and/or hydraulic system.    

La Retreat additional photos of transom door
T4100 - 95 La Retreat
My swim platform motor did not fail but the unit broke off from the mounting inside the transom.
I came up with a simple solution that works real well. I attach a sail tie to the handle to lower and lift the transom. To secure the transom when closed i ran a line from the eye on the door, drilled a small hole through the transom (a tube is inserted in the hole to prevent chafe) and then ran that line to a jam cleat mounted on the bottom side of the rain gutter for the lazarette. This system is simple, easy to install and eliminate the big hole in the transom through which the motor had to go.
By now you probably solved the problem but I was faced with the same problem a few years ago on my 1999 T4100, "latitude" ex "Scaramouch". It was a terrible design with the mechanical advantage for the drive unit so limited that I am surprised it ever worked. I was able to find the company that built the unit in Chicago and purchased a replacement with a longer rack so I could raise the motor assembly almost three inches to get better levarage on the initill lift when the platform was fully deployed. However, there is still the serious problem of having the plaftorm locked down should a wave hit the stern and put an upward force on the platform. I saw another new 4100 in Nantucket a few years ago that had a large hole in the stern due to the plafform lifting by a wave and the rack attachment to the motor assemble pushed the motor assembly forward, taking the fiberglass with it.

I am resigned to switching to the block and tackle method or possibly an electric motor wind up of the cables to replace the rack and pinion design when the existing unit breaks.


    Having difficulties in tracking down a replacement  electrical linear drive unit that lowers/raises the swim platform/transom door on my 4100 Tartan. All items had been removed and a makeshift rope and cleat has been installed, however would like to go back with the original set-up. Although thinking that this was perhaps a poor design/component in the first place, we live in the land "downunder' so access to sources are few and far between.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Terry Smith  

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