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New to the Group - T33 engine question
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After two days of staring I realized I was looking only at the aft end of the engine. Womp. Dipstick located.

For oil change, am I correct that the oil goes in the top where my left hand is in the attached picture?

The dipstick finger loop is visible in the center of this image

Dip stick is port side under engine cooling pump suction line from heat exchanger. Pressure switch same side aft about 3 inches above starter.

Hello All,

I own 1981 T33 Hull #87 in Baltimore, MD, and I have basic, beginner question about it's Universal 5424 Diesel Engine. Where's the dipstick?? The oil pressure light on the instrument panel remains on after the engine starts so I'm trying to check the oil level. I see the filter but no dipstick. How do I check the oil?


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