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Goose neck fitting source for T 3800
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IThe goose neck toggle fitting attaching the boom to the mast on my Tartan 3800 is beginning to get elongated vertical holes. Does anyone know a source for replacement toggles? The vertical and horizontal pins appear to be 1/2 inch diameter spaced 2 inches apart. The toggle is about 1 and 3/8 wide, 2 and 3/8 high, and 3 inches long. Are the pin spacing, or overall dimensions critical?

IYou may think we are temperature wimps out here in Seattle, but we find it very hot when the temperature begins to approach 90 for several days in a row! It is always a bit cooler down at the marina than up at the house. And the afternoon thermal brings a coolnig Northerly down the sound that makes for pleasant sunset sails. Friends have anchored in Blakely Harbor at the South end of Bainbridge Island today, and say the water is an amazing 71 degrees!

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