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CNG refills for stove
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Yes the methane worked fine. Maybe didn’t last as long. Same stuff apparently.

I just refilled 2 CNG tanks there. It's now AirGas. 2 tanks for $150. That will get me through the summer.

Last summer (2021) I had 3 tanks filled at:

Corp Brothers Inc

88 Niantic Ave, Providence, RI 02907

(401) 331-8020


I called ahead in the morning to be sure they had 3, and he put them aside. Swapped out 3. I was driving in from Hartford CT area. If I recall, the total was around $160 for all three.

Glad it worked out. We had boats there years ago when we had CNG needs as well.

Jeff Lennox

s/v Luora

Tartan 5300-01

Thanks everyone- pilots point marina in westbrook had it!!


I get my CNG tanks filled outside of Boston. I live in Maine so I go down there once a year with my two tanks and it gets me through the season. But locally I’ve gone to a medical/Welding company locally that sends it out and has it filled with liquid methane which is apparently the same thing.

I have the same boat, same year. They won't refill it but they swapped my CNG tank when I bought it in 2012 here:


(Corporate Brothers, RI/MA, 800-234-1286, 88 Niantic Avenue, Providence, RI 02907-3116,

CNG tank swap ($20)

And I would greatly appreciate any tips about how to light the stove, which I find quite difficult to do. Thanks! Best regards. Tim Lockhart, 1989 Tartan 31 No. 79

Have you checked with Pilots Point Marina in Westbrook or Dodson's in Stonington?

Jeff Lennox

s/v Luora

Tartan 5300-01

Hi James here-1988 Tartan 31 owner- I can't seem to find anyone who will refill my CNG cylinder for the stove! Does anyone know where to go? I am in New London CT and frequently go to RI.

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