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Decommissoiing Tartan 34C (1978)
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Definitely show us some pictures, if possible. I have a 1980 T33 Hull#4 and I'm wondering what I can use from your interior cabin to replace some teak paneling that is waterstained on my boat. Can you send pics so I can judge the color match?

Thank You,

Dave G


I am interested for sure.

The cutter rig and running backs and, I just don't know what else. Is it possible to send pics?

I have an '81 T37 that is my eternal project boat, but then what boat isn't.



I am in the process of decommissioning and breaking up a 1978 Tartan 34 (Hull number 508) and am offering everything and anything to interested parties including interior teak fittings, mast, sails, pulpits, stantions, tanks, etc. Cutter rig with running backs. Yawl conversion kit and Universal diesel replacement motor/trans/adaptor kit. Yard is only interested in lead in keel, so let me know your wants and needs.

Contact Jeff Davies at

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