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Painting top deck
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Maybe your are finished with this project. But here is what I did on my 1979 Tartan 37.

Epifanes Non-skid (yellow shade), paints on heavy, like a primer almost. Came out beautiful. Two coats were needed to make it looks professional.

For the white top coat, I used one-part Pettit EZPozy. It rolls out very thin. It appears watery. It even says, this product is thin and needs to go on in light coats. I used a foam 6-inch roller. It came out really good. Two coats. Feels like gelcoat: shiny and nice to touch.

I was trying to remember what I did first. I think I did the white first and then taped. And the non-skid went on second. When you peel off the tape the white lines look perfect. Get the best (most expensive) delicate tape you can buy.

good luck.


I want to paint the deck on our Tartan 41. The nonskid surface is in good shape but the gel coat is fading. I'm looking for recommendations on which paints to use. I plan to clean and prime the surface. Then I would pain the nonskid. My question is do I use a nonskid paint on this surface or because I already have a nonskid surface should I use something else. It seems all the paints besides the nonskid paints are high gloss and I am concerned that it will be slippery.

I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance.

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