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Universal engine parts - kubota
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Hello Dave,

My boat is a 1985 tartan 34 Mk 2 and also hull number 5. I purchased it little over a year ago, and have been refitting since. The variation in L series Kubota engine appears to be small. Mostly was a feature added or subtracted from the basic 68 cubic inch engine block. Mechanical fuel pump comes to mind as I am thinking about it, or a forward splined crank shaft for a PTO. I get the impression Universal was not to particular on which block it used to add its marine components. For example on page 4 of the M-30 5424 parts manual you will see a reference in the exploded view to part #22 "hour meter assembly" you mostly likely do not have that device on the front of your engine, rather like me you have a raw water pump.

I would not assume your Hull 5 T33 has a D1102, it may have D1101. There may not be any difference concerning basic basic parts and gaskets. Water pumps seem to vary widely and having the right block to tractor connection could save some time and money. That is why I included the picture of my blocks model number. (it actually the full serial number) It took a few minutes with a wire brush to clear away the Universal bronze, and kubota blue, to get the number but it is a worth while endeavor.

So if you are facing the engine from the cabin on the left side is the injector pump and you will see a small valve (very useful when venting post filter change) directly under that valve on the flat surface the injector pump is bolted to is where you will find the kubota block number. David Leonardi Solomons, MD

Hi David,

Thanks for this. I have a T33 with the Universal 5424. I am hull #5

Can I assume that my engine is also an adapted D1102 kubota engine normally installed in an L235 tractor?

Do you know?

I really appreciate your input, and that of any other T33 owners viewing this thread!

Dave Gelber

Cranford NJ

This may be common knowledge. But for those of you who have not figured out how to find less expensive engine parts this is my method.

First identify your block model number. This can be found adjacent to your engines injector pump on the flat surface just outboard the injector pump above the fuel shutoff lever.

Next search the attached kubota block to kubota equipment list for your engines normal tractor home. If you tell a kubota sales rep your block model they will tell you it doesn’t work that way and as ask what kind of tractor you have. The cross reference block to equipment provides you with that common reference point. For example my universal 5424 is an adapted D1102 kubota engine normally installed in an L235 tractor. Say I wanted to replace an ejector part # 298787 from Westerbeke. It is $365 while same injector from kubota part # 15271-53020 is $196. Just an example.

The challenge is to know your tractor.

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