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Propeller for Tartan 30
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Hi Tom,

I am indeed enjoying the snow....Feels like winter around here for a change!

Thanks for the reference to the Indigo website and the "radial winglet" propeller. The main argument seems to be higher RPM for a given speed is easier on the engine. Sounds counter-intuitive, but that doesn't mean they're not right. Did you notice a difference when you installed a three-bladed prop on Servus?


Hey Chip,

Hope you are enjoying the snow! I cannot answer your questions well but researched this prop thinking to try it before I sold Servus. One of her previous owners removed the 2 blade - 12" and replaced it with a higher pitch 3-blade. Sorry I don't have the dimensions.

Check out the link. Perhaps other members can comment on

Best regards,


What is the “ideal” propellor for a Tartan 30 with Atomic 4 engine? Current propeller fits on a 1” shaft. It seems small, however, there appears to be little room for a larger diameter prop. Any particular advantage to a folding prop?

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