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Pre-purchase survey on Tartan 40
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Repair Update:

The hull delamination resulted from a screw penetrating the hull from the interior below the waterline. The screw sat just below the drain hole allowing water to drain from that part of the bilge into the next compartment so it remained wet until the water all seeped into the hull or evaporated.. The boat yard thought it may have been there since the boat was built in 1989.

Why would this area be wet? What year is the boat? Was there damage to the hull in this area? Is there a water tank in this area or something that could be wet? I once had a survey like this that said the hull in the bow was wet. The owner challenged it and removed the wet anchor rode from the anchor locker and had it retested and it was dry.

The survey found a wet hull and some delamination, about 18 inches square, below the waterline aft on the starboard side. There are no thru-hulls nearby or other obvious entry points for moisture. I would appreciate any information someone aware of similar issues may be able to provide, especially where the water may have entered. I guess the big question is should l walk on the purchase?

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