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tartan 34 C 1976 centerboard spool
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thank you. Spool is soaking in turpentine now but twisting the hub looks problematic. Might have to drill it out.

Other the shear pin failed and appears to be stuck in key way. it never ends!

My '71 has the same arrangement. But in mine, the wire moves freely through the hole in the drum; it's kept in place by the number of turns around the drum. If yours is stuck, about the only thing I could suggest is soaking it in solvent to try to get the guts inside the drum to move. If that doesn't work, you may have to drill it out.

Chris Crighton

s/v Squander

T34C # 180

I am replacing the original centerboard wire. I got the wire out but it looks like it is pinned in the spool. The spool is out of the boat. It looks like it is wedged (not by a wooden pin but by twisting the metallic hub around slightly to release the wire. I tried to turn the outer hub but as expected after 47 years it wouldn't budge. Do I need to drill the holes out or try something else? thanks for your help.

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