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Mainsail Clew Rigging, T4100
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I'm curious as to how the clew and outhaul are rigged to the outhaul car. On mine, the wire rope outhaul was d-shackled directly to the clew and then the clew was rigged to the outhaul car with a double jaw toggle. The outhaul car only has one hole in it. I'm tempted to just put in another hole for the outhaul. If I look at the FB-1700 boom from, the replacement outhaul car, NB2-18A looks nothing like the outhaul car I have but does have two attachment points, which is what I'm seeking. I also have a Doyle Stack Pack so the foot of the main is a loose foot. My boat is in the yards right now so the main is off the would be great. Thanks all and happy new year.

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