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Danish Oil / Teak Oil
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We have not tried to "refinish" any spots to repair or add color. We did use Watco Rejuvenating Oil to clean, enhance, and refresh with wonderful results. (Followed that with Watco Satin Wax.)

Dave Werner

T-33 "Yiamas"


While looking through the owners manual, and needing to do some interior "refinish" work on my 372, it said the factory used Watco Danish oil on the interior. On a web search they have Danish Oil in different colors but nothing that says teak. I do have some Watco Teak Oil but wanted to see what others suggest. The small bit of research revealed that the terms between Danish Oil and Teak Oil are a marketing term and one of the same. Any suggestions or recommendations on my '92 372? My boat has some faded spots and some slightly bleached out areas due to splashes of cleaners or such, not sure what caused it. Thanks for your help.

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