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Contacting Tartan - parts, hatches
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Much appreciated Chris. Is Tim's email "" ? I'll try Chris again. My hatches are original, look old and clunky, especially the one above the V-berth - that does leak a little. I'll see what Defender has... I just hope I can get the correct size. Thanks for the suggestion ~ Jonathan

Thank you Larry! Much appreciated. Will probably wait on the Portlights, although one needs to be sealed. Both cabin-top hatches are old and original; One leaks - I'll try to seal it before replacing. Fuel tank was replace maybe 10 years ago... the boat sat for three years prior to my purchase in August, so I'm planning to pump out the old fuel (not looking forward). May try to syphon as much as I can from the fill hole - would like to keep that diesel smell away from the cabin. Will probably have to refurbish or replace the water separator (under the sink) it looks quite rough... the list goes on. :-)

I have had good luck getting responses from Chris ( Tim Jacket has also responded to emails.

I just had my crazed hatches on my Tartan 372 fixed with new lens and gaskets at Select Plastics. Not cheap but cheaper than new hatches. They do great work.


Congratulations on your new Tartan 33.

I own Kelpie, a 1980 T-33 #73. I am replacing all of my 40 year old portlights with Beckson 414 portlights, which are drop-in replacements. The screw knob closures have been replaced by lever closures, but otherwise they are virtually identical. I chose these over metal replacements because I knew they would fit exactly. And Defender had them on sale.

Re the lexan (?) hatches, I plan to get a headlight lens polishing kit and refresh the lens. Maybe I'll prime and paint the frame, but no plans to replace.

Good luck with your project. If you plan to replace the fuel tank, which I did two years ago, I can recommend a fabricator and send you the dimensioned drawing in pdf.

Best regards,

Larry Luck

New Tartan 33 Owner - 1981 Hull #120, Sweet boat. Any idea about the best way to communicate with Tartan? I've called the main # and octagonally gotten thru to Chris - but never get any info emailed back...

Interested in parts - would like to sometime replace the two hatches (have you done that? Any suggestions) and perhaps move to metal portlights... Thanks ~ Jonathan

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