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Rudder squeak
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Not long ago I became owner of a Tartan 3800 - absolutely love the boat!

This is my third season with her, still getting to know her and I've noticed a squeaking noise at the top of the rudder post. Just floating on the mooring, the rudder post seems to move ever so slightly against a black rubbery looking question is, does anyone know what the black material is made of, and what kind of lubricant is safe to use between it and the rudder post? I'm just looking for a quick fix before I take things apart in the off season. There is no play in the rudder, nor any stiffness, etc.

I was thinking I would spray some kind of grease or lubricant between the rudder post and the black material.

I have attached two pictures, one top view, one from underneath...

Appreciate any help or thoughts out there....


Joe Fittipaldi

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