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T33 Ice Chest Drain
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Great - I printed the manual out as well, and was so happy to see this resource listed on the Forum.  I recommend printing out the other manuals - for engine and transmission service, etc., which are also listed.  Here is the link to the page where you can find these for the T33, after logging in:

I hope you are enjoying your T33, as am I.  Tomorrow we depart from Perth Amboy to Fire Island for the weekend.  I see you are in VA, yes?  And may get the storm coming up the coast?
Thanks, David, for the reply!  We are heading to the boat today to see if we can figure it out. I just printed the manual to keep with us on the boat!  
not sure if you read the manual regarding ice box sump, or my reply to your forum post.  On rereading the manual, I see I made an error - you are supposed to put sump switch to Automatic, not Manual, to pump the ice box sump.  Definitely read the manual page 8 & 9, for specific directions.  This assumes there have been no modifications, of course.
Hi and Welcome!  I have a 1980 T33 (#5)

The manual states that the ice chest drains to a separate sump, and to discharge this water, to use the "sump" switch on electrical panel to "manual" to drain.  I'm sure you have already checked that nothing is covering the drain hole, such as a piece of plastic bag. I strongly recommend that you download and print the T33 manual, which is available on this website - it has been extremely helpful in noting particulars to this boat that are beyond common sense.

If you can suction this small drainage hole, rather than chancing forcing something further into this decidedly small drain hole, I would recommend trying that first.  Just get a small diameter plastic/rubber tubing (like fish tank size) that will cover the small drain hole, and try sucking out any debris, rather than forcing something in further.  Last, try snaking.

Good luck.  Sorry I don't know any "secrets of the T33" ice box drain, but I hope this was helpful.

Hi there,

My wife and I just bought a 1980 T33 (#29).  We are just starting to understand the systems, rewiring, etc.  A quick question, anyone know of a "trick" with the port ice chest drain?  We filled it with ice last weekend and it doesn't seem to draining.  Before plunging or snaking it, curious if we're missing something obvious.


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