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Summer 2021 Plans Being Made

Our summer 2020 plans were completely derailed by Covid 19 but we are full steam set up for a Maine Cruise this summer, 2021.

Our current Maine float plan can be reached from the link below.  The driver for the beginning of the cruise is the end of July dates that have decent mid-morning currents out of Buzzards Bay and into Cape Cod Bay.  Many of us come from west of the Canal and its passage is the real beginning of our Maine journey.

There are three "tracks" which form some possible guidelines for skippers to use when planning their cruise.  They offer some linked opportunities for boats to see Maine in an orderly port-to-port fashion during the early August time frame. We are often asked why we do August?  We feel that Fourth of July often has family related events that folks want to attend and early August is supposed to be a period when the fog in Maine is less prevalent.  This may be a big myth, but we give it a try.

Here's what it looks like now:

Final Maine 2021 Float Plan

Spring  2021 TONE Nor'easter Newsletter Available

The Spring 2021 TONE newsletter is available immediately at the link shown below.
As always there are news features as well as Tartan Tips on boat maintenance, U.S. Coast Guard news, the 2021 Maine Cruise Float Plan, and much, much more.

Download it now:

Spring 2021 Nor'easter Newsletter

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