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Summer 2020 TONE Nor'easter Newsletter Available

The latest edition of the TONE newsletter is available immediately at the link shown below.
As always there are news features as well as Tartan Tips on boat maintenance, U.S. Coast Guard news, cruising news, and much, much more.

Download it now:

Summer 2020 Nor'easter Newsletter

Major Tartan Announcement!


Seattle Yachts International has acquired Tartan Legacy Yachts with the intention of continuing to build Tartan yachts and Legacy powerboats.

The following is re-printed with the permission of Seattle Yachts International:

Breaking News: Seattle Yachts International Acquires 60-Year-Old Ohio Boat Manufacturer!

Fairport Harbor, Ohio - Peter Whiting, Managing Partner, announced that Seattle Yachts International, is continuing its expansion and vertical integration with the recent acquisition of famed 60-year-old boat manufacturing operation, Tartan-Legacy.

Seattle Yachts has formed a wholly-owned subsidiary, Marine Manufacturing Group LLC (MMG) to purchase the assets of Tartan Legacy Yachts, a manufacturing operation that produces Tartan Sailing YachtsLegacy Downeast Yachts, and AMP® brand carbon fiber masts and spars. 

The Tartan-Legacy manufacturing operation is being moved to a new 52,000 sf facility in Painesville, OH, about five miles from its current location. Although only slightly larger than the current facility, the new plant is much better laid out for boat building than what Tartan-Legacy has had for the last ten or so years. And the long-term lease at the new facility assures Tartan and Legacy brands will continue to be built in the heartland of America for a long time to come.

The full article can be seen at this link from Seattle Yachts International:

This is exciting news for both Tartan and its new owners. TONE wishes all involved the very best of luck!

 TONE's Mission: To provide forums for all Tartan owners to exchange information, enjoy boating and social events together,
 and create a sense of fellowship in order to enhance our ownership experiences.

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