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Surveyor recommendation?
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I would try George Gallup of Gallup yacht surveying
He did survey for me last spring and was extraordinarily thorough.  I wall away from the boat after survey.  I can tell you this, I've been through 3 surveys over the last 5 years or so and he was by far the best.
He travels the whole east coast.  
I'll tell you the whole experience.  We went through the survey, the whole survey, the we found the stringers had all come separated from the hull.  The repair would have been too great to reconcile the purchase price.  So, I paid him and we all went our own separate ways.  Weeks went by, no survey, turned into months.  I tried reaching out to him several times with no response.  Finally I sent a message through his web site.  He wrote back promptly.  He claimed he had sent the survey, he was away cruising on his own sailboat, and for some reasons, both my phone number and email were being blocked on his end.  He apologized and offered a full refund.  More weeks and even months went by, I wrote to him again through his website, asking what was going on.  He then sent me a full refund through PayPal.  I had the survey done at the end of May and got the refund in August I believe.
Now, he did tell me he was about to go cruising up the Maine coast.  So, that would explain the delayed responses, I guess.
In the end, I would use George again as my first choice, without hesitation.  I ended up with a guy, for the boat I bought, from New Jersey.  He missed so many things, it made me feel like he was working for the seller...  George was so thorough at the survey and chatted about every aspect.
Another thing I learned, keep the survey crowd as small as possible,  Just you and the surveyor is best.  If you must allow only the Broker as a third attendant.  My survey on the Tartan was circus.  Marina owner, Yard manager, Broker, owner and all the marina mates curious as to what was going on.  This guy owned the boat since new and kept it the same marine for over 25 years.
Anyway, good luck!!
Mattapoisett, MA

Would anyone be able to recommend a surveyor in the vicinity of Boston, NH, or Maine who is thorough and knowledgeable about T4100's?





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