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T34-2 #39
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Spoke to the folks at Hydrasearch 410-643-8900 about cost and availability of their MSSU1150BO Bronze Universal Sailboat Strut. About 2 weeks to manufacture cost $720.24. Order process is give them a call or email from their website. They will call and confirm order and request credit card information and ship as directed. I believe the price is subject to the cost of bronze at the time of order.

My plan to to place boat on the hard and remove p-bracket and confirm the dimension. Then attempt to straighten. Then mostly likely order the replacement. Anyone removed a p-bracket have any insight on the process?

Hello Marek,

My boat is T34-2 #5 with original universal 5424. My p-bracket (strut) is also out of alignment. Has a slide bend to port. Replaced the cutlass and replace all the engine mount. I was able to align shaft to with a 0.002 of an inch. However if RPMs are above 1800 there if a little whip in the shaft which appears to contact the stern tube slightly. I am hauling out to try and straighten the p-bracket soon. It will most likely require replacement. I have email Tartan for any p-bracket detail they may have file and to date they have not responded. I am fairly certain that MSSU1150BO Universal Sailboat Struts from Buck is the right replacement. If do get the work done any info or photos of the process would appreciated. I have photos of my gear. If wish I will email you a few pics.


David Leonardi

Hello, I am replacing 3YM30F with the new 3GM30AE. Additonally decided to get new shaft, cutlass nearing, coupling and stuffing box.

Now my mechanic tells me that PROP STRUT IS NOT PROPERLY ALIGNED and will not work with new cutlass bearing

Did anyone of you had similar issues, and how have you fixed? Mechanic wants to remove strut, rework fiberglass and reinstall.

Thank you


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